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Resolutions for 2010

Family Related

  • See every member of my family in person at least once this year. This includes my sister Jackie, brother-in-law Todd, nephew Adam, nieces Ali and Erin, sister Sally, brother-in-law Craig, nephews John Paul and Brennan, dad Galen and step-mother Jan. I saw everyone except for my dad and step-mother in 2009. I'll need to do better in 2010.

Photography Related

  • Complete training (online or in person) on Photoshop.
  • Complete training (online or in person) in photography.
  • Take amazing black and white photos of Adam, Ali, and Erin for my sister (and me!)
  • Post at least 25 decent photos to the new "Random Photos" gallery on the Photography page of waywardwonk.com during the year.
  • Have all my old slides scanned in, organized in boxes in order, organized electronically in Lightroom, tagged, titled, etc. by the end of the year.

Professionally Related

  • Submit a paper to AMCIS or an AMCIS-related conference.
  • Attend AMCIS in Lima, Peru in Augus 2010. This will be one of the most difficult (or expensive) resolutions to keep.
  • Submit a paper to ICIS or an ICIS-related conference.
  • Attend ICIS in St. Louis, MO in December 2010.
  • Submit a paper to a journal.
  • Develop MIS 415 into an amazing course with course requirements and activities that really excite the students. This is an undergraduate class for non-MIS majors that meets on Thursday nights, so this will be quite a challenge.


  • Travel to China with Bloch School study abroad.
  • Spend at least 4 weeks in Nepal during the summer and teach a course and/or work on research alone or with faculty at KUSOM.
  • By the end of the year travel to one country (in addition to China) I've never visited before (Peru would count).
  • Spend at least 50 hours learning Nepali (in person, books, online, etc.) by the end of the year. I've spent almost no time working on Nepali since I came back to the US in July. This needs to change.


  • Spend 15 minutes per week cleaning up my Bloch School office.
  • Spend 15 minutes per week cleaning up my home office.
  • Spend 15 minutes per week organizing my Bloch e-mail inbox.
  • Spend 15 minutes per week organizing my personal e-mail inbox.


  • Walk at least 50,000 steps per week every week.
  • Find a new primary care physician (my former physician left practice) and have a checkup.
  • Get a mammogram (skipped this in 2009).
  • Get a mole check (skipped this in 2009).
  • No more than 3 desserts per week. Some weeks this will be easier than others.
  • Don't stay up past 1:00 a.m. more than once per week.


  • Refinance my home with a 15 year mortgage. Then the home will be paid for by the time I retire.

I'll try to update my progress during the year.