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And another thing....

Apparently the PS3, RockBand 2 SE, and Beatles RockBand just weren't enough. Not to mention an extra dual shock controller, a Blu-Ray remote control, and several Blu-Ray movies (Abrams' Star Trek, Star Trek: Wrath of Khan, Star Trek: Voyage Home, Across the Universe, Reservoir Dogs, Trans-Siberian)...

Decided I couldn't hook up my lovely new hi-def Blu-Ray source directly to the TV and miss out on the surround sound. So, now I ordered a Sony STR-DN1000 receiver. Nothing at all wrong with the old receiver except it doesn't pass through HDMI!

Next up, I'm guessing.... additional speakers. Right now I just have 5 + sub-woofer and the STR-DN1000 is 7.1!

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